Your Love Letters for Valentine’s Day 2015

19 January 2015 | By Reignac

We just received our first love letter in English dedicated to the wines of Reignac for this year’s St-Valentine’s Day !

We are really proud to have fans like you!

You may check as well the French version of the website and see the poems of our French poets :).

This is the beautiful poem of Wendy and Eric Nielsen who visited Reignac in 2013 and as you will see felt in love with it…Thank you!

P.S.- The photography is by Wendy Nielsen.

lettre d'amour Wendy Nielsel 17.01.2015

The love poem of Corinne Fauries in Spanish

Le lettre de Corinne en espagnol

The love poem of Burçak Desombre in Turkish

La lettre de Burçak Desombre 03.02.2015



What do you think ?

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