Since 2011 Château de Reignac is applying a responsible winemaking; the winery joined as well a pilot group of wine producing properties in Bordeaux whose objective is to reduce their environmental impact. The EMS approach (Environmental Management System) is based on the principle of continuous improvement and is promoted by the CIVB (Bordeaux Wine Council). The goal of this partnership is the certification ISO14000. All along the winemaking process we respect the environment and reduce on maximum our impact on it. Every generated waste is send in the channel appropriated for its recycling.

We possess a Phytobac for the recycling of our wine-growing effluents. Reignac owns as well a bamboo station for purification of the wine-production effluents (this system exists only in two wineries in the Gironde region). The bamboo canes are valued locally for wood pellets.

The chemical grass removal is progressively abandoned; today we work the soil mechanically under the rows. We plant as well organic fertilisers (linen, mustard, cloves and forage turnips) on certain plots. Exploring the capacity of these plants to fertilise naturally the soils help us to better their structure, as in this way we diminish the use of chemical fertilisers.
The systematic monitoring of our energetic consumption permits us to manage better our ecological footprint.

Besides, since many years Château de Reignac is working in a close relationship with INRA (The French National Institute for Agricultural Research). This partnership has two objectives: to study the impact of the landscape on the development of certain parasites in the vineyards, and to value the existing biodiversity in order to reduce the number of treatments. We found in the zones around the vineyards, particularly in the forest, a hyper parasite fungus who is a natural enemy of different species of Oidium including the necator. This fungus can attack the Oidium and destroy it.

And last but not least, in order to get back to a balanced agriculture we are working with a local farmer who is loaning us his sheep during the winter.

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