The treasures of Reignac #2

26 February 2021 | By Reignac

Château de Reignac is a team of passionate and fascinating people.

Often, when we talk about Reignac, we have a special mention for the team.
You should know that when fate brings you to Reignac, you stay here. Some of us have spend more than 30 years in the vineyards of Reignac, others vinified already 26 vintages…

Today, behind our bottles is a team of 20 people led with passion by the Vatelot family. When people ask us about our work position in Reignac, we like to give them with our little “nicknames”. Marion is “the guardian of the temple”, Nicolas “the conductor”, Olivier “the memory of our wines” (if you want to put a face to these names, go to our website ). There’s no place here for Egos. In Reignac, there is human warmth on a daily basis, we share our joys and sorrows. It is a tight-knit team, guided by the same goal: to produce the best wines possible for you. Our daily meeting around the table during the lunch break is when we talk about wine. The most “incredible” ideas are born at these times. You should know that at Reignac we have a great imagination. Well, especially Marion. At the rate of one idea per minute, she has boundless creativity and her ideas, sometimes a little “crazy” in the eyes of some, are followed with great enthusiasm by the entire Reignac team, including the Vatelot family. You know, here at Reignac we are really lucky to have owners who trust us so much and give us their support and encouragement on all fronts.

Our greatest ambassador, Nicolas Lesaint, shares with you on his blog the daily life of Reignac. Our conductor is a virtuoso of the vineyard, a botanist, an artist and a great writer. Editions Féret have just published his graphic novel “Couleur Vigne”. In charge of the management of the Château since 2009, he offers us a 100% wine-maker story, sensitive and poetic, sometimes inspired by real events. If you don’t have “Couleur Vigne” in your library yet, now is the time!

Every year we have an open house day and we love it. A lot ! This is a great opportunity to share our passion with you, our customers! It is a moment of team building that binds us together and strengthens us. It is also an event not to be missed for our former interns who, each year, wish to participate. It really warms our hearts and shows the strength of the collective and the magic that operates in Reignac: Reignac one day, Reignac always ! When 4 generations of former interns come to help us on a Sunday in the summer, we know we’ve done things right. Therefore, our doors remain open to young people to offer them a „piece“ of Reignac, this winery which will forge their professional life by giving them real human values and a glimpse of the world of work where colleagues can become friends!

So, when you open one of our bottles think about this team of enthusiasts who work in a good mood every day so that you experience these moments of pleasure when you taste our wines !










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