The treasures of Reignac #3

30 March 2021 | By Reignac

The day before our 31st anniversary, we decided to thank you, our dear customers! You are our treasure number 3!

You are our best ambassador, we make our wines for you, to give you emotions and pleasure and to accompany you in your everyday life and in all the important moments of life.

You know, we talk about you very often in REIGNAC and when we talk about you it is always with great pride! Your testimonies comfort us, reassure us and encourage us. You follow us in our craziest ideas and you are present during the difficult times like the one everyone is going through since one year. For those who have only known us for a short time, for several years we organized a competition for the Valentine’s Day. We asked our customers to write love letters to our wines! To be honest with you, when we first launched this contest we didn’t expect to receive a lot of letters. The surprise was therefore even greater when we saw dozens of poems arriving in our mailbox, all of them so beautiful and touching. A winegrower friend had asked Mr. Vatelot how he managed to motivate people to write love letters to his wines. What was his secret? This close relationship that we have with you is there thanks to the wines, thanks to them, the Vatelot family, and thanks to the amazing team that accompanies them. So the secret is all of us together!

Thank you for your poems, your photos, your stories, your comments and shares and thank you for your testimonials left on our e-shop, more than 2200 notes with a score of 4.85/5! WOW!

You, the friends of Reignac, are of all nationalities! Our wines are distributed in more than 35 countries around the world. Thank you for continuing to take our wines on the road even though no one can do it right now.

So let’s toast to this friendship which has lasted for over 31 years and which has an extraordinary aging potential!

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